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A truly relaxing and amazing experience with both the massage and Healing Touch modalities! Thank you!

(Anonymous, 1,066 days ago)

Great relaxing experience! Definitely worth the cost! Very experienced massage therapist!

(Anonymous, 1,124 days ago)

The Rossiter therapy is the best!!!

(Anonymous, 1,151 days ago)

A very peaceful, pleasant place and great massage from a skilled practitioner. I would recommend it!

(Anonymous, 1,172 days ago)

Gibson is an amazing massage therapist. I have fibromyalgia and problems with my sciatic nerve. I also have all 5 of my cervical discs fused. So I was nervous about going to see anyone. My doctor recommended that get massage therapy. I went to see him on vacation last fall for an 1 1/2 visit because I was in a lot of pain. After my visit I didn't have any pain for weeks. I have tried several massage therapists here in Texas but I can't find anyone that even comes close to the skill that Gibson has. My family wanted to go on vacation recently so I suggested Clearwater Beach! I booked a 2 hour massage one day and a 3 hour massage the next day. They were deep tissue massages and worked out all of my aches and pains. I plan on going back as often as possible. It is worth the trip! Dana Meeks

(Dana M., 1,264 days ago)

Our experience was nothing short of exceptional. Clearwater Beach Spa is a wonderful hidden treasure and I'd highly recommend it to anyone!

(Anonymous, 1,333 days ago)

Being a competitive bodybuilder, I need frequent deep tissue massage. Gibson is by far the best massage therapist I have encountered. He is highly recommended. Peter Rudling World Champion in Classic Bodybuilding 2013.

(Anonymous, 1,423 days ago)

Had a deep tissue massage today and I felt amazing afterwards! Very nice place and wonderful masseuses!

(Anonymous, 1,435 days ago)

Gibson was very professional and gave me a deep tissue massage that was so healing for me as I have been under stress. I have been to many massage therapists. He is the best in his field. Highly recommend him. (Mary M.)

(Mary M., 1,439 days ago)

I am thanking Gibbson for saving my arm after I had a triple fracture in my shoulder and upper arm. I was unable to lift my arm and could not even blowdry my hair anymore. After his treatments I am able to do everything again. Gibbson made it happen with the greatest massage therapies I ever had. I have also skolosis and 6 slipping disks therefore I am getting massages for the last 40 years. Thank God somebody told me about Gibbson and I went to him this year in Marck and I am going to him on a regular basis and my back pain is almost gone. I don't have to tell him where my pain spots are he feels it right away and the deep tissue massages are my lifesavers. I am going to see Gibbson at least once or twice a week, could not go through a week without recieving my massages. Whatever pain you have Gibbson is the one to see and you will feel like a Newborn. All I can say is THANK YOU and that is not enough. Lisa Jillich, age 60.

(Lisa J., 1,466 days ago)

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